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Huawei Data Communications 2020 Review: The Logic and Track Behind IP Network Intelligence Awakening


Huawei Data Communications 2020 Review: The Logic and Track Behind IP Network Intelligence Awakening

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On the one hand, there are many uncertainties, such as the new world pandemic and the international environment, and the world is exploring a path of growth with certainty.On the one hand, new technologies, new applications and new models are coming one after another, and the door of the intelligent era is about to be opened.The convergence of the two is shaping up to be an extraordinary year in 2020, accelerating the iteration of IP networks that bridge the digital and physical worlds.


Each upgrade of the connection mode will bring a qualitative leap to the development of human society.Since January 1, 1983, when TCP/IP replaced NCP in ARPANET and became the general protocol, IP network has gone through Internet IP and video-driven ALL IP in the development process of nearly 40 years. As the main carrier of the information revolution, it has profoundly changed people's life and production mode.In the face of another change of times, it is inevitable to build a more solid base with "+ intelligence".


In fact, in 2019, Huawei took the lead in releasing a new generation of data communication products with intelligent IP network architecture and AI support. Through the introduction of big data, AI technology and a new generation of protocols, data analysis and closed-loop optimization, Huawei has realized a leap from traditional IP network to intelligent IP network.


If 2019 was the year the smart IP network started, then 2020 will be its first commercial year.In this year, we have seen the clarity of relevant development concept and rich connotation, the end-to-end solution innovation covering 5G carrier to enterprise park, from IP backbone to data center, the integration of intelligent IP network and all kinds of scenarios, and the implementation in all walks of life...


What logic and trajectory does IP network and even human society follow from quantitative change to "intellectual change"?A look back at the year of Huawei's data communications business may provide an answer.

The changing times call for intelligent IP network


With the deepening of digital transformation and the comprehensive popularization of 5G, cloud, AI and other digital technologies, the upgrade and transformation of IP network has become imminent.In particular, the year 2020 will be an important watershed in the face of "black swans" such as the sudden epidemic and downward pressure on the global economy.


On the one hand, ICT infrastructure has assumed the responsibility of supporting the stable operation of society and helping enterprises to get back to work. Its value has been unprecedentably magnified. For the vast majority of people, Internet has become as indispensable as "air, sunshine and water".On the other hand, the "remote, video, cloud" business changes brought by the epidemic, as well as the acceleration of the digital process of various organizations to cope with the uncertainties from the inside out, all put forward higher requirements and new challenges to the IP network.


Simply "connecting" is no longer the main goal, and "+ intelligence" is recognized as the future direction of IP networks.So how do you "make the connection smart, make the smart connect"?


On May 19, 2020, huawei's global analysis of the normal university, huawei data communications product line President Hu Kewen detailed expounds the intelligent IP network iteration logic, first clear the "smart super wide, intelligent connection, intelligence operations" three major characteristics, and share the successful experience of several industries, uncovered the intelligent IP network can make one thousand the beginning of any profession.Shortly before the conference, its intelligent IP network solution successfully passed the rigorous test of EANTC, an internationally authoritative independent testing institution, marking its mature commercial capability.




Specifically, intelligent IP network must meet the following three conditions: intelligent ultra-wide, aiming at the bandwidth demand under massive connection, through 100G to 400G, Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 transition to achieve a substantial upgrade of bandwidth resources, and based on slice bandwidth isolation to achieve flexible adjustment of bandwidth;Intelligent connection, aiming at the experience guarantee problem of different types of business caused by business diversity, inferred the intention by identifying the business type, and the network adjusts the resources in real time to guarantee the user's connection experience as the cloud moves;Intelligent operation and maintenance, aiming at the infinite expansion of network boundary caused by cloud and possible manual misoperation, realize rapid business adjustment through automatic deployment, and realize active operation and maintenance based on AI automatic obstacle removal to ensure high availability of network.


Huawei's definition of the next-generation IP network is not only a master plan for its own continuous innovation, but also a reference framework for the industry, enabling the entire value chain to "force a hole", create economies of scale, and drive "ubiquitous connectivity and omnipresent intelligence" into reality.

Create "all things intelligent link" artery


If the increasingly intelligent world is compared to a human body, the IP network is just like the aorta of the WAN, as well as the capillaries of the carrying network, the park network and the industrial Internet, which will transport computing power and intelligence to every individual, family and organization."If you want to do a good job, you must first use the tools". The launch of a series of blockbuster products and solutions of Huawei lays a foundation for the intelligent awakening of IP network in 2020, which becomes the main melody in this grand movement.


2020 at the start of the New Year, huawei was the "5 g, create new value" launched online conference for 5 g and cloud in the era of intelligent IP network solutions that cover the industry's first end-to-end 400 ge solution, the industry's first SLA can promise solutions as well as the industry's first automated driving network oriented AI intelligent control analysis of integrated operational platform;The company also announced the next generation of the AiRengine Wi-Fi 6 series, which includes three types of Wi-Fi 6 APs with 10 strong capabilities. The flagship product, AiRengine 8760, is the industry's first Wi-Fi product with a port rate of 10.75Gbps, making it the industry's first Wi-Fi product to break the 10Gbps range.


In the event of Huawei Data Communication Innovation Summit in Shenzhen and Nanjing, the company successively released the new generation CloudEngine 16800 400GE data center switch and NetEngine 8000 series full-service intelligent router, promoting the efficient coordination of all fields of "new infrastructure" and speeding up the pace of digital transformation of the industry.The former, based on the characteristics of "new platform, new optical interface and new intelligence", leads the evolution of operation and maintenance from 100GE to 400GE and from SDN to "+ intelligence", and achieves zero packet loss through the original intelligent lossless algorithm, which breaks the bottleneck of data center network in bandwidth shortage, computing power loss and operation and maintenance work.The latter is based on "new intelligence, new protocols, new operations and maintenance" features, with industry-leading single-slot 14.4T capability, support for the new SRV6 protocol, the introduction of AI into IP network operations and maintenance, to help build a stable, agile and secure wide area network.


At the 2020 Huawei Full Connection Conference in September, Wang Tao, Huawei's managing director and director of the Product Investment Review Committee, released a full-scene intelligent connection solution, which aims to create ubiquitous gigabit, deterministic experience and super-automated intelligent connection from three scenarios, namely technology, network and industry, to build an industrial intelligent body.For IP network field, the company announced that "x 1234" upgrade intelligent IP network solutions - intelligent IP network "a strategic," refactoring "platform", and hardware and software upgrade intelligence super wide, intelligent connection and intelligence operations "" three layer network architecture, upgrade industrial park, wide area, data center, secure data communications products and solutions" four engines ", make industry scene and cooperate partners and customers solutions, sharing intelligence IP network + industry integration innovation practice, create the new value of the industry.


In October, Huawei further completed the all-scenario smart connection solution from the perspective of operators at the 2020 UWB Global Summit Forum.Huawei intelligent campus network solutions on the basis of the operators to provide WAN service, increased LAN&WAN integration management service ability, can achieve Gbps all LAN/WAN and wireless access, unified level operational controls and minutes debugging, leading the park into the era of Gbps all wireless smart, help operators to build enterprise cloud one-stop network solutions.


Huawei Intelligent Cloud Network Solutions is based on intelligent IP network to build a high-quality cloud service private network. By virtue of the three characteristics of multi-cloud, multi-plane network and cloud network security, it helps operators to land the coordinated cloud network strategy and escort the "cloud on cloud and cloud on cloud" for thousands of industries.The scheme has been applied in e-government, smart medical care, smart education, smart coal mine, smart port, smart manufacturing and other industries.




, huawei officially released in December and earth security cloud services, create local, the cloud side of "cloud" integrated network security defense system, in view of the enterprises safety investment co., LTD., protection of resources and operational enough manpower, and help them to achieve better security under the limited security investment effect, also for the security industry wade out a virtuous circle of the new road.


These products and solutions quickly won the favor of the market, but also won the authoritative recommendation of Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and many other analytical institutions.It is worth mentioning that at the "Interop Tokyo 2020", Huawei Data Communications won two gold MEDALS and one special award, which fully demonstrated its technical strength.

Brings certain value to thousands of lines and industries


Intelligent IP network is not only a technology story, its ability to release, the value of the presentation largely depends on the progress of integration with all walks of life, all kinds of scenarios.


Since 2020, Huawei has successively launched more than ten scenarios of intelligent IP network for government affairs, finance, medical care, industrial parks, transportation, industry and other industries, which not only directly refers to the new era of "Everything Intelligence Network", but also brings the value of certainty to thousands of industries in the midst of uncertainty.


In the government sector, for example, huawei to Jane e-government solutions power networks outside Beijing e-government network upgrade, realize the government service "free net phone", "a net over" operations, firmly foundation for digital government construction.The scheme is based on a new generation of e-government network architecture, using AiRengine, NetEngine, CloudEngine, Hisecengine "four engines" equipment, to build a "network multi-plane, cloud network integration" of the minimization of government network, accelerate the private network data sharing and collaborative management, and provide guarantee for the network service quality.


In the financial field, Bank of Communications and Huawei jointly build a smart bank. The new network supports end-to-end IPv4&IPv6 double stack and adopts intelligent operation and maintenance technology, which not only increases business reliability, but also greatly improves the use efficiency of resources.In order to expand the Internet banking "high-speed channel" at the same time, to ensure the safety and reliability of the business, so that each transaction, each service is more convenient and intimate.


In the industrial field, SAIC is a "pioneer" in the digital transformation of domestic automobile manufacturing. It is committed to building an intelligent automobile manufacturing system integrating intelligent equipment, intelligent supply chain and big data.Based on Huawei's solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry, SAIC PassengerCar has built a reliable, intelligent and flexible fourth factory in Ningde, which can effectively improve production efficiency and support the digital transformation of the factory. Finally, real-time data collection and second-level analysis feedback can be realized.


At the same time, the landing of intelligent IP network also depends on a broad and strong ecological support.In this year, Huawei actively promoted the construction of ecology by leading industry conferences, establishing industry alliances, and publishing white papers.For example, the joint partners established the zhailian business alliance in the park and jointly released the development strategy and developer plan of the alliance.Joined with industry partners to promote the establishment of ISG IPE Alliance, and jointly published ETSI White Paper;The Charter of Huawei Security Business Alliance was released, marking the launch of Huawei Security Business Alliance 2.0.




"What is the most important thing in the 21st century?Talent!"In order to meet the needs of the society for new network talents and adapt to the changes in the capability model of current network practitioners, Huawei has also developed a set of data communication talent training standard "DATACOM Certification" based on its experience as a leader in the data communication industry for many years.In November, the standards were officially released worldwide, and there are plans to train 150,000 DATACOM certified engineers over the next three years.


"We firmly believe that in the next 20 to 30 years, human society will become an intelligent society.Today, the human society is in the eve of the outbreak of new theory and new technology.The potential is huge, but there are also many uncertainties.Many problems still exist, but open innovation is the best way to solve them."So wrote Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's founder and president, in an article published in The Economist.


In this critical period from the information age to the intelligent age, the intelligence will be more closely coordinated with people, and the intelligent IP network is an important base for the realization of "everything in the world".In the environment full of uncertainty, a new round of IP network reform and breakthrough has become a rigid need of various organizations.The year 2020 of Huawei's data communication business not only opens a new journey for the data communication industry, but also injects abundant power for the development of digital economy and the intelligent upgrading of the whole scene of the industry.And driven by companies like Huawei, there is every reason to look forward to a smarter and better 2021.

Huawei Data Communications 2020 Review: The Logic and Track Behind IP Network Intelligence Awakening
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