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Seeker is one of the leading suppliers of mobile, switch and transmission telecom equipment in the world.

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Most operators will directly dispose of the excess equipment as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which usually results in very low income or no income at all.

SEEKER can manage your remaining assets and provide you with the greatest return on investment. Our policy is to resell and reuse, as a last resort, to provide you with the greatest equipment value.

The main benefits of telecom asset management services are:

Achieve the highest return and minimize costs and liabilities

The equipment will remain on the balance sheet until sold

The equipment can be recalled at any time to meet unforeseen network requirements

Eliminate storage costs and improve inventory visibility

Employees focus on the core competitiveness of your company

Fully reduce environmental impact


Our service is divided into two stages:

Collection and inventory

We will ship your company’s out of service equipment to our warehouse. We then take an inventory of each part and provide you with a final list for verification and an opportunity to recall any parts you may still need.

Marketing and sales

After reaching an inventory agreement, we will sell your equipment to a global customer base. We will give priority to sales to other telecom operators, which will greatly increase your income.


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