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Seeker is one of the leading suppliers of mobile, switch and transmission telecom equipment in the world.




Founded in 2004, SEEKER has become one of the leading suppliers of mobile, switch and tansmission telecom equipment in the worldSEEKER provides the best telecommunication network equipment and helps our customers maintain the network with cost-efficient solutions.

Seeker offers a wide variety of services that enable network operators to understand their telecom network assets at today and future’s market values.

Network valuation

Test and network maintenance

Seeker provides equipment test and health check for wireless, wire-line, and data networking infrastructures to customers, helping them achieve optimal network performance for the lowest cost.

Network asset disposition

Seeker Telecom offers a wide variety of services that allow network operators to regain control and maximize the value of their assets by handling all aspects of reconfiguration, redeployment and disposition.

In the process of maintaining the equipment, users do not have sufficient telecom spare parts. In urgent need of spare parts, the logistics supplier's solution needs timely response.

Telecom spare parts management




Huawei Data Communications 2020 Review: The Logic and Track Behind IP Network Intelligence Awakening
2021-01-25 18:12
On the one hand, there are many uncertainties, such as the new world pandemic and the international environment, and the world is exploring a path of growth with certainty.On the one hand, new technologies, new applications and new models are coming one after another, and the door of the intelligent era is about to be opened.The convergence of the two is shaping up to be an extraordinary year in 2020, accelerating the iteration of IP networks that bridge the digital and physical worlds.   Each upgrade of the connection mode will bring a qualitative leap to the development of human society.Since January 1, 1983, when TCP/IP replaced NCP in ARPANET and became the general protocol, IP network has gone through Internet IP and video-driven ALL IP in the development process of nearly 40 years. As the main carrier of the information revolution, it has profoundly changed people's life and production mode.In the face of another change of times, it is inevitable to build a more solid base with "+ intelligence".   In fact, in 2019, Huawei took the lead in releasing a new generation of data communication products with intelligent IP network architecture and AI support. Through the introduction of big data, AI technology and a new generation of protocols, data analysis and closed-loop optimization, Huawei has realized a leap from traditional IP network to intelligent IP network.   If 2019 was the year the smart IP network started, then 2020 will be its first commercial year.In this year, we have seen the clarity of relevant development concept and rich connotation, the end-to-end solution innovation covering 5G carrier to enterprise park, from IP backbone to data center, the integration of intelligent IP network and all kinds of scenarios, and the implementation in all walks of life...   What logic and trajectory does IP network and even human society follow from quantitative change to "intellectual change"?A look back at the year of Huawei's data communications business may provide an answer. The changing times call for intelligent IP network   With the deepening of digital transformation and the comprehensive popularization of 5G, cloud, AI and other digital technologies, the upgrade and transformation of IP network has become imminent.In particular, the year 2020 will be an important watershed in the face of "black swans" such as the sudden epidemic and downward pressure on the global economy.   On the one hand, ICT infrastructure has assumed the responsibility of supporting the stable operation of society and helping enterprises to get back to work. Its value has been unprecedentably magnified. For the vast majority of people, Internet has become as indispensable as "air, sunshine and water".On the other hand, the "remote, video, cloud" business changes brought by the epidemic, as well as the acceleration of the digital process of various organizations to cope with the uncertainties from the inside out, all put forward higher requirements and new challenges to the IP network.   Simply "connecting" is no longer the main goal, and "+ intelligence" is recognized as the future direction of IP networks.So how do you "make the connection smart, make the smart connect"?   On May 19, 2020, huawei's global analysis of the normal university, huawei data communications product line President Hu Kewen detailed expounds the intelligent IP network iteration logic, first clear the "smart super wide, intelligent connection, intelligence operations" three major characteristics, and share the successful experience of several industries, uncovered the intelligent IP network can make one thousand the beginning of any profession.Shortly before the conference, its intelligent IP network solution successfully passed the rigorous test of EANTC, an internationally authoritative independent testing institution, marking its mature commercial capability.       Specifically, intelligent IP network must meet the following three conditions: intelligent ultra-wide, aiming at the bandwidth demand under massive connection, through 100G to 400G, Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 transition to achieve a substantial upgrade of bandwidth resources, and based on slice bandwidth isolation to achieve flexible adjustment of bandwidth;Intelligent connection, aiming at the experience guarantee problem of different types of business caused by business diversity, inferred the intention by identifying the business type, and the network adjusts the resources in real time to guarantee the user's connection experience as the cloud moves;Intelligent operation and maintenance, aiming at the infinite expansion of network boundary caused by cloud and possible manual misoperation, realize rapid business adjustment through automatic deployment, and realize active operation and maintenance based on AI automatic obstacle removal to ensure high availability of network.   Huawei's definition of the next-generation IP network is not only a master plan for its own co
China Telecom plans to purchase 560,000 antennas for 4G base stations
2021-01-22 16:21
Nokia Siemens Networks Leads 400G Optical Transmission Evolution, Says Backbone Network Capacity Demand Increases 60% Annually
2020-10-12 16:19
Nokia Siemens Networks Leads 400G Optical Transmission Evolution, Says Backbone Network Capacity Demand Increases 60% Annually


Many areas of telecom operators' business are already well-established markets, so operators' management is increasingly focused on cost control. 

For utilities to meet the expectations of customers and regulators. We can help you transform the network infrastructure with our network infrastructure solutions...



The data center

Driven by the digitization of government and enterprise services, data centers are developing rapidly. 

SEEKER telecom network education domain

SEEKER can provide a teaching management platform for universities and higher education institutions around the world. 

The government

SEEKER has a comprehensive telecom network infrastructure solution, providing strong technical support and solutions for building a smart city and a more sustainable future.

Internet service providers

SEEKER has worked with Chinese Internet companies of high quality. Provide it with telecom spare parts management, for example,




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